Working and Limited Stay Visa

Purposes of Working & Limited Stay Visas:

Working / Limited Stay Visas are given to regular passport holders wanting to stay in Indonesia for either of the following purposes:

  1. To invest in Indonesia.
  2. To work as an expert at a government or private institution.
  3. To carry out religious duties.
  4. To undergo training/ study or scientific research.


  • 6 (six) months
  • 1 (one) year
  • Extendable annually

Process Time:

Processing time : 7 – 9 working days.


  • Copy of Valid passport for at least 18 months, the front page. Original passport will be required at one the days during the process time.
  • Copy of education certificate
  • Copy of job references (work experience)
  • Current curriculm vitae
  • Photos of 4×6cm with red background  – 2 pcs (in soft copy)

Working Permit Documentation Involved:

Work permit can be obtained for either 12 months or 6 months. Things involved in obtaining the work permits are as follow:

  • RPTKA (Expatriate Placement Plan)
    Expatriate Placement Plan (RPTKA), is the first step of the work permit process it should be submitted to the Manpower and follow by the issuance of TA-01 which is made based on an approved Expatriate Placement Plan (RPTKA).
  • Skill & Development Fund (DPKK) Tax/Fee
    Skill & Development Fund (DPKK) fee is USD 600 for six months work permit validity, or USD 1200 for one year work permit validity. This tax is administered through the Department of Manpower. The amount will be transferred to the appointed bank by the Department of Manpower – BNI Bank.

 Limited Stay Documentation Involved:

When all the paperwork on your Vitas visa is done, you will be issued a Limited Stay Permit – Kartu Izin Tinggal Terbatas, better known as a KITAS for a one year period. With your KITAS you will also receive a blue Foreigner’s Registration and Change book It’s a similar size as a passport.

The blue book tracks changes in your immigration status. All changes of address, marital status, new children, etc. need to be notified to the Immigration Office and recorded in this book within a timely period. The KITAS card and blue book allow you to live in Indonesia for one year and may be renewed annually, up to two extensions without having to leave the country.

Stay permit for the dependent of family members (accompany spouse and children up to 17 years old) should be applied seperately.

 Taxes Involved by Holding Working & Limited Visa:

  • Skill & Development Fund (DPKK), as mentioned earlier Skill & Development Fund (DPKK) is administered through the Department of Manpower and it will be transferred to the appointed bank by the Department of Manpower  – BNI Bank. The fee is USD 600 for six months validity, or USD 1200 for one year validity.
  • Monthly Income Tax, should be pain once you hold the work permit (IMTA) and it would be based on the basic salary you received.
  • Fiscal Tax – Foreigners holding KITAS for business visas who stay in Indonesia must pay a fiscal tax (fiskal) every time they leave Indonesia. Rp. 1.000.000 of fiscal fee is payable in cash at the airport upon departure, or Rp. 500.000 fiscal fee if you leave by ferry and payable in cash at the ferry terminal. Fiskal tax is also due and payable on your final departure from Indonesia when you leave with an Exit-Only Permit (EOP) – instead of the usual exit-re-entry permit.
    A Free Fiscal Card can be obtain after the income tax is been paid, with this card you can be exempted from paying the Fiscal tax.